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"This class has changed the way I think and practice. You come into this class expecting to learn how to needle and you get SO much more than that. This class reinforces your basic muscular anatomy of course but more importantly the neuroanatomy. I was reminded of structures that I hadn't thought about in years. Now I can be a better PT because I have a better understanding of how it's all connected. Sure, the needling piece is important and is an invaluable tool for all kinds of diagnoses. But knowing how to apply your anatomy knowledge to your patient's pathology is crucial because it keeps you from being myopic and always considering differential diagnoses. I couldn't recommend this class more highly. Kelly and Tina are clearly passionate about this material and it rubs off. You will leave this class ready to take on your most challenging patients with a new feeling of confidence!"

Foundational Course Participant

"This is quite possibly the best continuing education course I have ever taken, definitely the best I have taken in years. Kelly and Tina are amazing. They are approachable, and their teaching style is perfect for this type of content. I feel they both did not simply teach techniques, they taught problem solving, clinical reasoning. I feel I walked out of this course a better clinician than I walked in. I can't wait until the advanced course, and any other courses they come up with in the future. This is truly a game changer."


Foundational Course Participant


"This is the best dry needling course I have ever taken. They present the info in an easy to understand manner, while giving adequate time to get comfortable. They also far surpassed any other dry needling class in having great info and discussions on clinical care."


Foundational Course Participant

"Lovely job! To be honest, I was intimated by the pre-course material because you both spoke so academically. I thought this class would be over my head. That proved very much not to be true. You both presented the information with an air of understanding and appreciation, but not in a way that felt demeaning or overly academic. Translation you had fun when you were teaching in class and it rubbed off on everyone. Your passion spills over easily to us participants which will make me more enthusiastic to share my new knowledge and skills with my patients."


Foundational Course Participant

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