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We understand that navigating pelvic health dysfunction is challenging.  We hope these resources can help to guide you on your journey to wellness and can connect you to others who have experience with these conditions.  Know that there is a beautiful community of individuals who have experienced healing and professionals who can guide you do the same.

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Other Resources

Article on Pudendal Neuralgia + Cycling Syndrome

Clinical Podcast: Pudendal Neuralgia with Kelly Sammis, PT, OCS, CLT

Pudendal Neuralgia and Cycling Website:

This website was inspired by a patient who struggled to find information and resources for cyclists managing life with PN. The creator's mission states "I am hopeful that we can create a safe and positive space in the cycling community that allows for education, transparency and support for those impacted by PN."



Pudendal Hope Website:

Patient Experience

"I had dry needling performed on my pelvic floor and it was the first virtually pain free moment I had had in months. This gave me new found hope that I could get better!"

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