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Course Offerings + Registration

PPHC Pelvic Health Dry Needling Courses


We host our pelvic health dry needling courses both independently and through our course affiliates, Herman and Wall​ace and the APTA.

Below you will see the courses hosted directly through PPHC, those of which you will complete the registration process directly through our website.  Course registration directly through PPHC will be managed by PPHC.  Please email with any questions, concerns, cancellations, reschedules or course logistics.

Underneath the PPHC hosted courses you will see all other affiliate courses that are hosted through Herman and Wallace and the APTA.  Simply click the link of the desired course/course date and it will redirect you to their website to complete the registration process.  Courses registered through Herman and Wallace and the APTA will be managed by the respective institution.  Please email them directly regarding any questions, concerns, cancellations, rescheduling or course logistics.

Pelvic Health Dry Needling (Foundational Concepts)
Pelvic Health Dry Needling (Pregnancy + Postpartum )
Pelvic Health Dry Needling (Advanced)
Private Pelvic Health Dry Needling Courses
Dry Needling Courses
PPHC + DNE Course Policies

PPHC + DNE course cancellation + refund policy:

If you registered for the course less than 60 days ago AND the course is more than 30 days away, you can cancel your registration and receive a refund, less a $75 administrative fee, OR you can cancel your registration and transfer to another course at no financial penalty.


If you registered more than 60 days ago, OR the course is less than 30 days away, you are no longer eligible for a refund, but you can still transfer to another course or convert your registration fees to future-course credit at no financial penalty.


For detailed information on the cancelation and refund policy, see the full description on our Resources page.

PPHC + DNE course participation policy:

If you are registered for an in-person dry needling course, please note that this is a lab intensive weekend.  You are expected to play the role of both clinician (the person applying the needling techniques) and patient (the person accepting needles).  If you are unable to play the role of patient and plan to opt out for all or some of the lab components, it is your responsibility to bring along a medical model to stand in.  This model cannot be a rehabilitation practitioner of any kind.  The cost of hire of the medical model is solely your responsibility.  Please email with any questions or concerns.

For detailed information on the course participation and medical model policy, see the full description on our Resources page.

Affiliate Courses

We contract all three of our dry needling and pelvic health courses to both Herman and Wallace and the APTA.  These are the same courses with the same instructors that we offer directly through PPHC; we simply contract our courses to our affiliates to reach more members of our healthcare community.  Know that you will receive the same quality of education regardless of which institution you register with!

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